Click below to view live clips! Come to the next gig for more.

First Kiss Overdue

The Ride

Break Up Bomb

King of the Birds (Magic)

Big Man Snack Man

Sleeping With Her on the Bus


Life So Far


Double Dong

Christmas Tree King

Toys R Us





Parents are Crazy

Learning About Sex

Lone Ranger of Faith

Behind the Deli

Old Friends

Nigel the Gorilla

Thor Missile 

Good Kid

More to Come!  Please visit again.


14 responses to “See

  1. Hey Brendyn,

    I love your website. I love the black and white photos–Jeff’s I assume,
    and the spare style of it. It’s totally you.



  2. Sharp website, Bren! Now if you only had a photo of you in the red sweat suit doing your old man walk!

  3. this is great man
    “… like a dungeon dragon…”

  4. Hey Brendyn, I hope all is with the site it looks great. Congrats my friend

  5. I hope you bring your throwing knives to the gig tonight…

    love your site!

  6. Kristen Wennerberg

    You are the funniest most amazingly literaryilly (haha) talented person I know! XOXOXO

  7. WooHoo! Now I can get a dose of Brendyn on You Tube any time I want!

  8. Bren, nice job….how proud I am that you “got it”.
    …I never noticed in between the school cupcakes and homemade Halloween costumes…
    I love you.
    ~Mom xx

  9. I say…lovely to visit with you Nigel….!
    So much fun to watch the world go by…from inside…
    Sunny Goodstreet xxx

  10. Great riff on Genesis and Phil Collins. While I’m a bit older, one of the more powerful memories of a Phil Collins song, was, I think, at the end of a Magnum PI episode with Frank Sinatra as a guest star. I don’t think I’m hallucinating!

  11. SOOOOoooo sorry I put you through that!!!!!!!!
    But, it made for a good story…eh Phil?
    ~Momma xxx

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