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Looking for a job – tough right?
We’ve been there.
Missing that perfect career fit?
We’ve been there.
Thinking the other applicants are…y’know…


Dust off that CV because Workonnect is about to

Click below and hold onto something.  Here comes the

WorKonnect Experience!

First there’s 75 minutes of us in PHENOM! our exclusive, patented
Web 2.5 Presentation

Our Execs!  Guys you’d love to have a beer with
Our HR Team!  Human Resources?  More like Hacienda Relaxo!
We work hard and PLAY HARD, playa!

Are we having fun yet?  No?  Well, let’s GOHow ‘bout a round of Q&A about you, the REAL you, the secret you. Take our dynamic Skills Assessment & score! (psssst Don’t forget that ss#!)

Make YOUR today tomorrow NOW! 


WoW! Click It
If you’re not 110% satisfied with our service, please fill out the feedback form located in the About Us section of the Tool IT! Forum. Latency on this page in excess of 18 seconds places you on the mailing lists of our third party affiliates – CruiseHerBody.org, LemonDudez.com and HitchinCaracas.net.  To be removed from these lists, please visit our corporate offices at 431 Dusty Owl Way, buzzer # 1A9 in theUfuctOffice Park, Hopebridge, MA 0162, Monday through Wednesday, 2:30 – 2:58am.  We place VALUE on feedback! Call 413-856-873. Have your PIN # ready. Due to high call volume, please allow between 4 and 12 min.  When our system pick up, press #277 after the third high-pitch tone (Remember, the lower register tones will place your number in our active call registry!  Rock on!)  Note that without your PIN we will not be unable to re-assist you never again.  Read the complete Tool IT! Forum for how to enter to win your official PIN #. Our voice-interface function will walk you through the steps to reach the automated phone access team assigned to your national calling area during rotating business hours.  Don’t give it up!
 It’s NEVER been THIS easy – Direct Connect.  WorKonnect!

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