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Shows Listed in Reverse Chronologic (and updated all the time so check back often!)

8/14/22, Sun 3pm, Harvard, MA
Come on by Old Frog Pond to catch Brendyn along with a clutch of talented tellers such as Susan Cohn Child, Ben Cunningham and Paul Doncaster for the theme “Expectations.” For the occasion, Brendyn will be premiering an all-new tale about the most terrifying force he’s ever known – the principal from his elementary school. The good news is that sometimes expectations can be reset! It’s all brought to you by the fine folks of Fugitive Productions. For details and directions, click here

***Thanks to Everyone who made it to the 2021 Shows!***

Sorry, Mother Nature Cancelled this one 8/21/21, Sat, 3pm, Harvard, MA
Brendyn’s in the lineup for this outdoor show spun together by Fugitive Productions at Old Frog Pond Farm. The theme is Creatures. Additional tellers include the awesomeness that is Norah Dooley, Rachel Gans-Boriskin, Linda Hoffman, Susanne Schmidt, George “from the Bronx” Vendura and a healthy smattering of local tellers. We’re gonna have a good time so come on by!  For details, click here

7/17/21, Sat, 8pm, virtual
Brendyn will be joined by Angela Sawyer and Alex Bloch for Stories to Scenes, the show where tellers tell their stories and the very funny Riot Improv creates improv scenes based on those stories. It’s hilarious and hosted by Harold Cox and Joe Gels. For more info, go here.

6/12/21, Sat, 8pm, virtual
Join Brendyn for Utter Hope: a new storytelling series from the mind of Mary Ann Christie Burnside. He’ll be flanked by the awesome Theresa Okokon, Anna Willis Collier and Alyson Muzila. Brendyn takes us into the harrowing experience of watching a team of doctors push into his wife’s stomach as they turn his son, in utero. Zoom link for free registration, click here

***Thanks to Everyone who made it out to the 2020 Shows. Bad Year, Great People***

6/11/2020, Thurs, 12pm, virtual
Catch Brendyn on The Leadership Leap radio show, hosted by the awesome Lianne Picot. It’s all brought to you by He’ll be covering the importance of storytelling on the job search. Karen Dietz will also be guest-starring. For your trip to the airwaves, click here 

Cancelled 5/28, Thurs, 7pm, Arlington, MA

Here’s the gateway to summer – a fine show brought to you by Fugitive Productions. Brendyn will be in the lightning fork of tellers for the evening air theme of “Chances Are.” Your Seals & Croft summer breeze is here

Postponed 4/9, Newburyport, MA Storytelling Show at Mandarava. Great tales, great food. Stay tuned!

Cancelled 3/15, Sunday, 7pm, Boston, MA (JP)
Brendyn will be putting his name in the hat for South Shore Story Slam’s event: Planes Trains and Automobiles. You should too! Get details there

3/6, Friday, 7pm, Weston, MA
As part of their At Home in the Universe series, the Weston Art & Innovation Center presents “Discovery” stories. Brendyn will be the featured teller with a rocking set of new and cult classic tales. Grab some friends and check the details here.

2/21, Friday, 7:30pm, West Acton, MA

Fugitive Productions continues to light up the map. Tonight, they’re hosting the Acton-Boxborough United Way Fundraiser at Gallery Villageworks. Brendyn will be one of the flying tellers navigating the theme: “Belonging.” Come round. Your itinerary here

2/17, Mon, 6pm, Cambridge, MA
Another slam from Massmouth. This one’s theme is Hold On Now. Brendyn’s got a tale and you must have one too! Winner goes to the semifinals – it’s guaranteed. Trip inside historic, phantasmagoric Club Passim. First step here

2/14, Fri, 7pm, Brighton, MA
WGBH is hosting a Valentines Day show, broadcasting via Facebook Live. If you’re looking for astronomical levels of romance to chance the blues away, tune in. Brendyn will be joined by an undisclosed number of tellers including Massmouth anchor and mainstay, Cheryl Hamilton. For all details, fall in this

2/13, Thurs, 7pm, Attleboro, MA
It’s another szzt-zap! show, electrified and brought to life by madwoman of storytelling, Andrea Lovett. The resurrection takes place at raveinyourgrave restaurant Stella Osteria. Brendyn will be mixed into the sauteed stage sauce and you be should be too! Grab your finest mental cutlery and get the goods here

1/25, Sat, 7:30pm, Milton, MA
Brendyn has been invited to join a clutch of tellers and comedians for Funnybones, a raucously funny show curated by Andrea Lovett in the mysterious Milton Art Center. You want your brain to explode, so get details here

1/20/2020, Mon, 6pm, Cambridge, MA
Pow! Bwam! We’re back with an all-new show for 2020! Tonight, Massmouth will be hosting their slam “Go The Distance.” Brendyn will be tossing his name in the hat and so should you. Everyone gets the chance to walk away with the night’s crown and a hot chance to enter the Massmouth semifinals later on. Fo mo details go here

***Maximum Respect to Everyone who made it to the 2019 Shows!***

12/21/19, Sat, 8pm, Roslindale, MA
Brendyn will be joining forces with Improv Jones at the Rozzie Theatre for Massmouth’s Stories to Scenes show, hosted these days by ace storyteller, Harold Cox. Bren will be telling a cult classic, Christmas tale only for the troupe to reimagine it, improv-style. Brendyn will be flanked by multiple tellers for maximum good times! Come by! For more, click here

11/16/19, Sat, 11am, Bedford, MA
The Bedford Council on Aging will be hosting a storytelling concert with Brendyn and Rose Saia. Brendyn will be performing 3 tales of fiery acrobatic skill. Fo mo info, go here

11/3/19, Sun, 11:15am, Boston, MA
The Paulist Center has invited Brendyn to present a tale in honor of Advent. The theme is “Waiting” and Brendyn is psyched to tell the Tolstoy tale, Martin the Cobbler, to an eager all-ages audience. Fo mo, go here

10/20/19, Sun, 5:30pm – 730pm, Jamaica Plain (Boston), MA
South Shore Storytelling has invited Brendyn to be their featured teller for the “Haunted” Slam. It all goes down at Turtle Swamp Brewing in JP. Do you have a spooky tale? Toss your name in the hat for your chance to haunt the night and move on to their Grand Slam! Details lurking here

10/5/19, Sat, 7pm – 9pm, Belmont, MA
Belmont Books is hosting its 3rd story slam: Haunted. Brendyn will be part of the frighteningly talented collection of tellers! Steve Almond is your host. Spook by, get entertained. Doors at 6:45pm. Tickets, judging info and more details here

9/22/19, Sun, 5:30pm-7:30pm, West Acton, MA
Roll Up! Roll Up! Fugitive Stories has invited Brendyn to perform an all new tale for the theme “Really?” Joining him will be tremendous tellers Theresa Okokon and Rose Saia. Got something on that theme? Toss your name in the hat for a chance to perform to the West Acton masses! Get yo details here

9/13/19, Friday, 7-8pm, Beverly, MA
Brendyn will be performing at the Crossing Water Storytelling Night! It’s part of “Crossing Water” a week-long arts festival along the waterfronts of both sides of the Beverly-Salem Bridge. The storytelling will take place on the Beverly side, under the bridge, illuminated at sunset. Nifty, huh? Additional storytellers include Jim DeFilippi, Charlot Lucien and Bailey Suggs. A screening of The Case of Dr.Caligari follows with live orchestra accompaniment! For more on this intriguing event, wade here

8/15/19, Thurs, 7:30pm, Brunswick, ME
Soundbites has invited Brendyn back for their 3rd season. The theme tonight will be “Touring.” Brendyn will be performing a tale about finding the virtue in completely and utterly bombing on stage. Fellow performers include Michele Carlo, Stacey Curry, Kerem Durdag, and Bridget Oneill! Get all the details here

7/25/19, Thurs, 7-9pm, Arlington, MA
Fugitive Stories is quickly becoming the storytelling entity just outside Boston city limits. Come to the Kickstand Cafe and experience why! Brendyn will be world premiering a brand new tale for the theme “Last Chance.” Fellow fantastic tellers Harold Cox and Matt Dicks round out the bill. There will be an open mic portion, so stroll up and toss your name in the hat for your chance to tell a tale! Fo’ mo’, go here

7/18/19, Thurs, 7-8pm, Natick, MA
As part of their 2019 theme, “Universe of Stories,” the Morse Institute Library will be holding a special, 1-hour Intro to Storytelling class. Brendyn will be your host/teacher in this whirlwind session on where ideas come from, a story’s must-haves, how to get paid for storytelling and a whole jumbo jet’s worth more! Q&A on professional storyspinning to follow class. You’re invited but must sign up! For details, directions etc., click here

6/23/19, Sunday, 6:30pm, Your own TV!
PBS/WGBH World Channel and Massmouth present a 24-hour marathon of Stories from the Stage, their hit storytelling TV show. The marathon starts on Saturday at 7pm. Brendyn’s episode, You Only Live Once, encores on Sunday at 6:30pm. Gianmarco Soresi and Alison Tocci round out the bill. Watch the episode online here. Check your local TV listings here

6/21/19, Friyay, 7pm – 9pm, Boston, MA
Alright, what’s doing? Cancel plans and see you at the home.stead bakery & cafe for Now Listen Here, Bart Thompson’s live storytelling show. Great coffee, great tellers and Brendyn as headliner. The weekend is back. Pour out the details here

6/10/19, Monday, 9:30pm, Your own TV!
PBS/WGBH World Channel and Massmouth present hit storytelling TV show, Stories from the Stage. Brendyn tells a tale on his embarrassing, harrowing first kiss on this episode You Only Live Once. Tune in! He’s joined by Gianmarco Soresi and Alison Tocci. Watch the episode online here. Check your local listings here

5/29/19, Wed, 7pm – 9pm, Arlington, MA
The Regent Theatre welcomes RIA fundraiser, “Stories I Haven’t Yet Told.” Brendyn is joined by a masterstroke of storytellers and writers including Harold Cox, Jon Mattleman, Elizabeth Searle and more! All proceeds support RIA House and their mission to support women exploited by the sex trade. Brendyn’s story will be about the speed of life. For full details, venture here

5/4/19, Sat, 7pm – 9pm, Belmont, MA
Belmont Books is hosting its 2nd story slam: Reach for the Stars. Brendyn will be performing along with Rose Saia and a whole bag of talent! Come along. Steve Almond hosts. Doors at 6:45pm. Tickets, judging info and further glorious details here 

4/15/19, Mon 7pm – 9pm, Cambridge, MA
It’s the Massmouth semifinals! Brendyn will be performing new story Stampede for a chance to move on to this season’s final. Come on by to cheer him on! Tickets on the Club Passim page here

4/4/19, Thurs, 7pm-9pm, Brighton, MA
Brendyn has been invited back for the Massmouth/WGBH nationally televised series, Stories from the Stage. He will be performing old favorite First Kiss (watch an early version of it on the “See” here) Want to see it LIVE? Click for Tix!

3/31/19, Sun, 11:45 AM – 1:15 PM, Framingham, MA
Brendyn returns to Plymouth Church with a brand new story! The theme of the event will be “Fellowship.” He will be flanked by some storytelling aces: Rose Saia, Susan Cohn Child, Amanda Goodwin, Sal Lopes, Mark Modrall and more. You should come too. For details, directions and more, click here

3/28/19, Thurs, 7:30pm-9:30pm, Arlington, MA
For an encore presentation of his new tale, “House Robbery,” Fugitive Productions has asked Brendyn to represent at the most electric venue in all of Arlington: The Kickstand Café. The food! The coffee! The tales! The other tellers! (Rose Saia and Don Picard) And you? If you’ve got a story on the theme “Enough,” come on by, toss your name in the hat and let’s rock. Doors at 7pm. The most current dope, the straight dope found here

3/24/19, Sun, 6pm-7:30pm West Acton, MA
Fugitive Productions has invited Brendyn back for their latest storytelling concert. He will be telling a brand new tale, “House Robbery.” Fantastic Venue: Gallery at Villageworks, Fantastic Theme: “Enough.” Additional tellers include Katie Liesener and you? If you’ve got a fantastic tale on that subject, come on up, toss yer fantastic name in the hat and let the hijinks unfurl! Doors at 5:30pm. Fo mo, go here

3/18/19, Mon, 7pm- 9:30pm, Cambridge, MA
Brendyn will be putting his name in the hat for a chance to perform at this, Massmouth’s storyslam, “Judgment Day.” You should come too. If chosen, Brendyn will be spinning a relatively new story that simply burns. It all goes down at historic Club Passim. For all details, go here

3/12/19, Tues, 7pm – 8:30pm, Sudbury, MA
The Goodnow Library has asked Brendyn to return for their series, “Be Bold: Sharing Stories.” The theme tonight: “Outside the Box.” Brendyn will be telling about his journey from unemployment to job search workshop instructor. All new story! He will be joined by Nutritionist Kristin Flynn, Executive Director of Leadership Metrowest Helen LeMoine, Founder of Marketing Magnet Karen Morales, Writer Painter Untrainer Giulietta “Julie” Nardone, and the Founder and Owner of 1854 Cycling Company Brandale Randolph. Find out more here

***Electric Thank You to Everyone Out There who made it to the 2018 Gigs!***

12/9/18, Sunday, 6pm, West Acton, MA
It’s another fun show from the fine folks at Fugitive Productions. Brendyn joins a stellar lineup for the theme, “Indulgence.” Tellers include the always funny Karen Lock Kolp and always intriguing Rachel Gans Boriskin. Brendyn’s tale will be one of overindulgence, regret and complete stupidity. It’s going to be awesome. Got a tale on theme? Wanna just listen? Your next step is right here

11/29/18, Thursday, 7:30pm, Arlington, MA
Fugitive Productions blows back into town with the theme “Just in Time.” Brendyn will be telling a new tale alongside Norah Dooley, Matthew Dicks and a clutch of talented local tellers. You should come too. If you’ve got a tale on the theme, toss your name in the hat and let’s rock. Doors at 7pm. More here

11/17/18, Saturday, 7:30pm, Portland, ME
It’s Sound Bites season finale and Brendyn has been asked to join the genius tale-telling talents of Skylar Bayer (Story Collider), Danusia Trevino (Moth), Gabrielle Melchionda (Mad Gabs), Mark Pagán (Moth), Dame Wiburn (Moth) and Allan Monga (19yo immigrant, lives in Portland, battled NEA about his participation in their national poetry competition as a non US citizen – and WON! Wow). The theme is “Turning Point” and Brendyn will be world premiering a brand new tale! For more, click here

11/1/18, Thursday, 8pm, Boston, MA
It is with great yawp! to report that Brendyn will be telling a tale at the Moth Boston GrandSLAM! The theme is “Uncharted Territory” and the venue is the historic Cutler Majestic Theatre. Come cheer him on! Tickets on sale Oct 4. Grab ’em here

10/17-12/5/18, Wed nights, Arlington, MA

Brendyn’s Intro to Storytelling class rides again! We’ll start with the building blocks of storyspinning, move onto how to use stage fright and networking, then we’ll cover the steps of how to get paid for storytelling. We’ll finish up with a performance of Your story. No class on 10/31 or 11/21. For the action-packed details, click here

8/23/18, Thursday, 7pm-9:30pm, Arlington, MA
Brendyn returns to Kickstand Cafe for a Fugitive Productions storytelling event! The theme will be “Time Out.” His tale will be rapid fire, frenzied yet foresighted. Rounding out the lineup will be Rose Saia, Sara Sweet Rabidoux-Kelsey and you? Yes! There will be an open mic portion so come on by, throw your name in the hat and let’s rock. Details will magically appear after clicking here

6/24/18, Sunday, 6:30pm-10pm, Brooklyn, NY
Brendyn’s got a 30-minute set at a veritable NY storytelling institution – the Bady House Concert! This will be the 43rd Bady house concert and the first of this summer. He’ll be joined by a stellar clutch of storyspinners including David Hu, Kelly Dunham, Marie Faustin, Harmon Leon and of course, Robin Bady herself. BBQ Potluck, bring what you’d like, RSVP Here!

6/7/18, Thursday, 7pm-9:30pm, Brighton, MA
For the theme “One Crazy Summer,” Brendyn will be dusting off a cult classic about the glorious gateway to summer! It all goes down at WGBH Studios. He will be joined by Cheryl Hamilton and other fascinating tellers. For more, go here

5/9/18, Wednesday, 7:30pm – 9pm, Concord, MA
In his first appearance in historic Concord, Brendyn is joined by Aaron Wolfe, Rose Saia and Kemp Harris for a ConcordArt fundraiser sponsored by Fugitive Productions. Brendyn’s got a moving tale on the theme, “Inspiration.” With an open mic portion, maybe you’re inspired too? Come and support the visual arts!  Click here

5/3/18, Thursday, 7:30pm-9:30pm, Arlington, MA
Brendyn has created a storytelling show called Tell Me. He will host and tell alongside some truly awesome tellers: Jannelle Codianni, Ben Cunningham, and Rose Saia. There will be an open mic for this open-themed event.  Bring your tale! Seating is limited so get your tickets today!  Venture here

4/27/18, Friday, 6pm-8pm, Hopkinton, MA
Join Brendyn, Wes Hazard and Jan Krause Greene for a righteous storytelling gig at Bittersweet Co.  Bren will have a 20 minute set guaranteed to thrill the exalted masses!  For directions and details, click here

4/20/18, Friday, 3pm, New York, NY
The world-renowned Juilliard School has invited Brendyn to moderate a panel of master storytellers including Charlotte Blake Alston, Gayle Ross, Baba Jamal Koram and David Gonzalez. This filmed session will ultimately be part of an online storytelling curriculum for K thru 12. More on Juilliard here

4/15/18, Sunday, 7pm-9pm, Jamaica Plain, MA
Got a story for the theme “Never Say Never”?  Join Brendyn for a rockin good slam at historic Doyle’s Cafe! Find out more here

3/28/18, Wednesday, 7pm-9pm, Boston, MA
Massmouth is quickly wrapping up its season with this, it’s penultimate slam of the year, “Busted.” Brendyn’s bringing his tale on the theme and so should you for this, the last chance to advance into Massmouth’s semifinals! Fo mo, go here

3/23-3/25/18, Friday-Sunday, Plymouth, MA
New England’s premier storytelling festival, Sharing The Fire flies again! Brendyn will be on location eager and wild-eyed for Northeast Storytelling’s classes, shows and a whole bag of storytelling richness.  Experience the left of center latitude and altitude here

3/6/18, Tuesday, 7pm- 9pm, Cambridge, MA
Mark Modrall will be your featured teller. Brendyn will be putting his name in the hat and so should you! Storyspace is the longest running storytelling open mic the Northeast! Join us and be a part of history. For details, go here

3/3/18, Saturday, 3:30pm-4:30pm, Newton, MA
Brendyn will be world premiering a brand new tale and one cult classic for Evans Park, a Benchmark Senior Living Community. He will be joined by Original Rose Saia and Powerhouse Peter Carcia. Check all the beats here

2/25/18, Sunday, 6:00pm-7:45pm, West Acton, MA
The Gallery at Villageworks serves up another night of storytelling courtesy of Fugitive Productions.  Brendyn will be spinning a tale on the theme “What I Did For Love.”  Additional tellers include Aaron Wolfe and Don Picard!  There will be an open mic portion so bring your own tale!  For details, go here

2/24/18, Saturday, 5pm – 9pm, Newton, MA
Brooklyn’s own Robin Bady is hosting a storytelling house concert and Brendyn will be one of the featured tellers. He will be joined by local legends Bruce Marcus, Meghann Perry, Michael Anderson, and Robin herself. Take the 1st step there by clicking here!

2/22/18, Thursday, 7:30pm-9:15pm, Arlington, MA
Fugitive Productions hits the Kickstand Cafe with its seasonal theme “What I Did For Love.” Brendyn will be throwing his name in the hat and so should you!  Featured tellers include a cadre of pure talent!  Norah Dooley, Amanda Goodwin, Bethany Van Delft and Sara Sweet.  Check out the details here

2/19/18, Monday,  7:00pm-9:00pm, Cambridge, MA
Club Passim is one of the most historic venues around.  Join Brendyn as he tosses his name in the pitcher for a chance to perform on the same stage once graced by Bob Dylan. You could too!  Got a story on the theme,”Love Song?” Be there for this latest Massmouth story slam! Doors at 6pm. Dig details here

2/18/18, Sunday, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Jamaica Plain, MA
Brendyn throws his name in the hat for the chance to take story gold at South Shore Story Slam’s Event “Dated.”  Come cheer him on or join in! Find out more here

1/27/18, Saturday, 10pm, Boston, MA
Improv group, Family Style have invited Brendyn to come tell a tale only for the group to riff off of his material. This night of Armando antics will also feature the story stylings of Wes Hazard. Fo mo, go here

1/25/18, Thursday, 7:30pm-9:30pm, Arlington, MA
Fugitive Stories returns to Arlington’s happening Kickstand Cafe!  Brendyn will be featured alongside crack storytellers Aaron Wolfe and Katie Liesener.  Got a tale on the theme “Surrender”?  Toss your name in the hat for your chance to tell! More here

1/20/18, Saturday, 10am – 330pm, Natick, MA
TedX Natick! Since December, Brendyn has had the prestigious honor of coaching a fun and dynamic storyteller, Maria Milagros Vazquez.  On the 20th, Maria will be telling a powerful story about finding the good in all things! She will be joined by a fountain of stellar speakers. Come and see!  For more on the event, click here.  For more on Maria, go here

***2017 was the most tremendous year yet for storytelling! A Wide-Eyed Thank You to all of you out there who helped make it happen!***

12/14/17, Thursday, 7:00pm-7:30pm, Somerville, MA
The super fine folks of VNA Eastern, Mass. have laid out the red carpet for Brendyn, on this, a 2nd December date of storytelling shenanigans!  This event will be at the 405 Alewife Brook Parkway location.  Please check out the excellence of the VNA here

12/13/17, Wednesday, 7:00pm-7:30pm, Somerville, MA
The fine folks of VNA Eastern Mass. have invited Brendyn over for a storytelling set of epic proportions.  Event at the 259 Lowell Street location! Find out about the great work of the VNA here

11/30/17, Thursday, 7:30pm-9:15pm, Arlington, MA
Consider the topic “On the Move.” Brendyn will be performing a tale for Fugitive Stories at the Kickstand Cafe and so should you!  There will be an open mic portion so come on by.  Additional featured tellers will be Katie Liesener and Sara Sweet!  Check out the details here

11/24/17, Friday, 6:30pm-8:00pm, Hopkinton, MA
Bittersweet Co. is holding a storytelling night and you & EVERY ONE of your friends are invited!  Brendyn will be the feature.  There will be an open mic portion as well!  So, bring your stories, ears and stomach. Check out the menu and details here

10/26/17, Thursday,  7:30pm-9:15PM, Arlington, MA
Brendyn has been asked to return to the Kickstand Cafe for an encore presentation of his First Kiss story for the topic “Breathless.” So, if you missed it on the 12th, opportunity knocks!  He will be joined by Rose Saia, Kemp Harris and…you? (There will be an open mic portion so bring your tale and toss your name in the hat!) Outstanding details here

10/12/17, Thursday, 730pm-9pm, Framingham, MA
Fugitive Stories blows into the Amazing Things Arts Center for a night of “Breathless” stories.  Brendyn will be telling a cult classic tale on the topic and you’re invited to tell your tale as well during the open mic portion.  More tellers TBA!  Fo mo, go here

9/24/17, Sunday, 6pm-8:30pm, Acton, MA
Brendyn will be telling an inter-generational tale for the Bridges Together Benefit at the Gallery at Villageworks. He will be joined by some true titans of story including Rose Saia, Amanda Goodwin and Kemp Harris. For tickets, please visit Fugitive Stories here!

8/17/17, Thursday, 7pm-9pm, Brunswick, ME
SoundBites welcomes Brendyn to their monthly storytelling show at the Frontier Cafe sponsored by Allagash Brewing. The theme: Invisible.  Brendyn’s tale will involve an ape suit. Other tellers TBA!  For more info, carve a fjord here

8/1/17, Tuesday, 8pm-9pm, Cambridge, MA
Catch Brendyn’s whirlwind set of five tales guaranteed to thrill!  Join us at Storyspace, one of the longest running storytelling shows in New England for an evening of childhood nostalgia, trapeze-like ethics and surface-of-the-sun passion.  Open mic portion at 7pm.  Brendyn at 8!  For more click here

7/27/17, Thursday, 6-8pm, Cambridge, MA
Ever commute around this crazy city of ours? Got a cool tale to tell about that mindwarp experience? Grab some friends and represent at the Walk/Ride Day Celebration sponsored by Massmouth, Gallery 263 and Green Streets Initiative! Brendyn’s got a tale and if you live here (or can get here), you do too. For details, pedal here

7/20/17, Thursday, 7pm-9pm, Arlington, MA
The Fugitive Summer Series rolls through the Kickstand Cafe!  Brendyn will be the featured storyteller.  If you’ve got a story for the night’s theme, “Do The Right Thing,” come by and toss your name in the hat for your chance to perform!
More details here

6/28/17, Wednesday, 7pm-9pm, Brighton, MA
Massmouth’s monthly series on the WGBH stage is filming a pilot for The World Channel and Brendyn has been invited to a filming of his story, The Ride (watch it on the “See” page here)!  Want to be there live, for free?!  Rollercoaster Here

6/19/17, Monday 7pm-9pm, Cambridge, MA
Brendyn will be joined by Srilatha Rajamani and Justin Werfel for Stories to Scenes! This is a night of swirlin twirlin storytelling remixed by the improv mastery of ImprovJones. AND! You’ll have a special chance to take the stage only to witness YOUR tale spun by ImprovJones.  Odd, fun and thought-provoking night! For more info, go here

6/17/17, Saturday, 8pm-10pm, Dorchester, MA
Now Listen Here returns to the Home.stead Bakery at 1448 Dorchester Avenue.  This is a fantastic storytelling show that’s having a great run.  Bart Thompson is your host and Brendyn will be your featured teller.  For details, go here

5/20/17, Saturday, 6pm-9pm, Framingham, MA
Brendyn hosts a storytelling fundraiser at the Amazing Things Arts Center. Wes Hazard and Amanda Goodwin will be the featured tellers along with some very special guests. Fo mo go here

5/9/17, Tuesday, 6pm-9pm, Somerville, MA
Brendyn will be flanked by some of the finest storytellers in New England for this, The Big Mouth Off, Massmouth’s annual storytelling final!  Join us for a fantastico night at the historic Somerville Theatre by clicking here

5/7/17, Sunday, 6pm-9pm Framingham, MA
Fugitive Productions is holding a special night of storytelling at the Amazing Things Arts Center. Brendyn will be flanked by some knack storytellers.  To find out more, venture here

5/5/17, Friday, 7pm-9pm, Norwell, MA
A righteous championship show featuring the best storytellers of the Mass-Story ’16-’17 season!  Brendyn is humbled and psyched to be among them!  Come and cheer them all on.  For tickets and details, click here

5/3-6/7/17, Wednesday nights, 7pm-8:30pm, Arlington, MA
Brendyn’s Introduction to Storytelling class flies again! Learn the mechanics of storyspinning, use stage fright, learn the aspects of networking and the low down on how to get paid for performing.  Stories are everywhere.  Learn how to tell yours by clicking here

4/28/17, Friday, 7pm-9pm, Arlington, MA
The Arlington International Film Festival hosts its annual poster competition to choose the face of their new season.  Brendyn will be performing a cult classic tale and hosting these auspicious proceeedings. Show your love and click here

4/23/17, Sunday, 6pm-9pm, Acton, MA
Catch Brendyn at The Gallery at Villageworks for Fugitive Stories!  He will be performing a cult classic tale for the theme “Promise.”  Reserve your slot today by clicking here!

4/17/17, Monday, 7pm-9pm, Cambridge, MA
Brendyn has earned a slot alongside a crack group of storytellers for this, the Massmouth semifinals! For more info, please go here

3/24/17, Friday, 7:00-9pm, Plymouth, MA
New England’s premier storytelling festival, Sharing The Fire, is touching down and Brendyn will be hosting this Friday night concert.  Come and experience the tales from such storytelling visionaries as Onawumi Jean Moss, Doug Lipman, Geraldine Buckley and Susan O’Halloran.  Get your tickets now!

3/19/17, Sunday, 6:30-9pm, Boston, MA
Hey, Hey! Mass-Story is hosting an action-packed storyslam at Doyle’s in Jamaica Plain.  Brendyn will be putting his name in the hat and so should you.  The topic: Red Flag. If you have a tale on this ominous theme or just want to witness the hijinks, click here

3/18/17, Saturday, 8pm-10pm, Brookline, MA
Join Brendyn on his maiden voyage hosting the high seas of the Puppet Show Place stage!  It’s World Day of Puppetry so let’s have a raucous puppetslam! Good God!  Bizarre and intelligent, it’s a show you have to experience. Fo mo, go here

3/9/17, Thursday, 7pm, Boston, MA
As part of National Optimism Month, the Life is Good corporate office is holding a story event entitled, The Bright Side.  Brendyn joins a powerful cadre of tellers and comedians with an all-new tale!  For more info, click here!

2/20/17, Monday, 4pm, Seekonk, MA
Hey New England! Watch Brendyn on TV9, the polestar of Seekonk’s cable access scene. He will be interviewed by Karen Chace and telling a tale on a rockin segment of her show StoryCafe.  For programming info, click here.  For more on Karen Chace, click here.

2/9/17, Friday, 7pm-9pm, Cambridge, MA
The MIT Museum rips a variety show directly from the 4th Dimension.  The theme is Love and Other Entanglements.  Brendyn is joined by the luminary talents of Katie Liesener, Ari Daniel, Quantum Mechanics, the Cosmic Bell and probably a real roadhouse audience!  Reach the infinite by clicking here.

2/4/17, Saturday, 7pm-10pm, Cambridge, MA
Be a part of the 25th Anniversary of Story Space, one of  America’s longest running story-nights! Brendyn will telling a brand new tale alongside some truly top talent.  Get your tickets here!

1/25-3/15/17, Wednesday nights, Arlington, MA
Sign up for Brendyn’s Introduction to Storytelling class. What makes a story tick?  How can you use stage fright?  How can you network and get paid for performing?  Simply, how do you tell YOUR story?  Find out by clicking here  (no class 2/15  or 2/22)

1/21/17, Saturday, 10am – 4pm, Natick, MA
TedX Natick! Since December, Brendyn has had the distinguished honor of coaching extraordinary artist Bren Bataclan.  Bren will be speaking of his art and how it impacts the world.  For more on the event, click here.  For more on Bren Bataclan, go there

1/16/17, Monday, 6pm – 9pm, Cambridge, MA
Witness the awesome might of Massmouth’s storyslam Tickets, Please at Club Passim!  Brendyn will be throwing his name in the hat for a chance to tell and so should you!  For much more, venture here

1/12/17, Thursday, 7pm, Lewiston, ME
Brendyn has been invited to perform at this long-running night of fantastic and true stories.  The theme is Reboot.  Have you got a tale? Are you interested in soaking up some warm tales on a cold night?  For details, click here

1/10/17, Tuesday, 6pm – 9pm, Boston, MA
Catch Brendyn’s manic antics as host of Massmouth’s Get Moving story slam!  Toss your name in the hat here at Trident Booksellers for your chance to advance to the semifinals this spring!  Fo mo go here

***A Grand Thank You to all of you out there who made it out to the 2016 Shows!***

12/19, Monday, 6pm – 9pm, Cambridge, MA
Join Brendyn at Club Passim as he tosses his name in the hat for a chance to perform at Massmouth’s story slam, Sleepless Nights. For tickets and further details, click here

11/15, Tuesday, 7pm – 9pm, Newburyport, MA
Mandarava presents their very first storytelling night hosted by the hilarious Dan Dahari. Brendyn will be one of the features. Come for the stories, stay for the fine foods.  Fo mo, go here:

11/3, Thursday, 7pm – 9pm, Brookline, MA
It’s another refreshing night of pure entertainment at Pure Cold Press!  Come see a special storyspinning performance from Brendyn amid the poetry, music and wild variety.  Check here for directions:

10/16, Sunday, 6pm-8pm, Acton, MA
Fugitive Productions presents True Stories Told Live!  Brendyn will be one of the featured tellers for this night’s theme: Gatherings.  Got a tale?  Come out to the show, put your name in the hat and take a chance for the stage!  For tickets and details, click here

10/7, Friday, 6pm-9pm, Boston, MA
ArtWeek Boston continues with this pulse-pounding slam presented by BostonSpeaks!  Brendyn will be the featured storyteller alongside masters of stand-up, poetry, improv and more (breakdancing may even make a distinguished appearance!) For details and tix, venture to Live Words Celebration

10/4, Tuesday, 730-9pm, Boston, MA
Take Brendyn’s one-off Intro to Storytelling class as part of ArtWeek Boston!  Learn the ins and outs of performing, the secrets of storytelling, great places around town to perform and a lot more. Sign up today!

9/21-10/19, Wednesdays, 730-830pm, Brookline, MA
Enroll in Brendyn’s 4-week introduction to storytelling class Learn to Tell Your Story. Obtain the tools of presentation and practice.  Find out how to use stage fright and body language. Gain the groove for your next business meeting, Moth competition or cocktail party! (No class on Yom Kippur)  Register today, click here

9/18, Sunday, 7pm-1opm, Jamaica Plain, MA
Brendyn tosses his name in the hat for a chance to perform at South Shore Story Slam’s first event of the season. The theme, fittingly, is “Firsts.”  Join the night, and take a chance with your “first” story! For more, click now

8/20, Saturday, 8pm, Jamaica Plain, MA
Stories to Scenes! Come see Brendyn and a cadre of crack storytellers spin tales only for the improv troupe, ImprovJones to riff off of them.  Lots of fun and oddly thought-provoking. For more info, go here

7/22, Friday, 8pm, Cambridge, MA
Feast your senses on the all-new storytelling show, Now Listen Here! hosted by Bart Thompson. Brendyn will be joined by top-notch tellers Julie Baker, Justin Hagerty, Caitlin Harrison, Wes Hazard, Kenice Mobley and Justin Werfel!  Show starts at 8.  More at Club 263

6/9-6/30, Thursdays, 7:30-8:30pm, Brookline, MA
Take Brendyn’s 4-week Intro Class, Learn to Tell Your Story.  Get the mechanics of presentation and practice. Learn to use stage fright.  Be ready for your next storytelling show, business meeting or house party!  Before the seats are gone, Register Now!

6/7-7/12, Tuesdays at Suffolk University, Boston, MA
Another Live Words presentation class held by Boston Speaks!  Learn storytelling, poetry, stand-up and a boatload more.  Brendyn will be heading the week 2 storytelling class.  Sign up today!

5/16, Monday, 7pm, Cambridge, MA
Come to the fightin’ city of Cambridge for an evening of Stories to Scenes! A crop of top tellers, Brendyn among them, will perform tales only for the improv troupe ImprovJones to riff off them. It’s a funny fascinating night you can’t miss!  Brendyn will be premiering an all-new and true tale of a dangerous ill-advised adventure in the belly of the Bangkok underworld! Buy your tix here

4/25-5/30, Mondays, 7:30-9pm, Boston, MA
Enroll in Boston Speaks/Live Words’ 6-week class and learn about storytelling, onstage body language, standup, improv and more. Brendyn will be teaching the storytelling and body language classes LiveWords has created the special, humbling promo code “BrendynRocks” that you can use for a discount when registering here

4/18, Monday, Cambridge, MA, 7pm
Catch Brendyn’s performance at the Massmouth Semifinals!
For details, click here

4/12, Tuesday, 7pm, Cambridge, MA
Brendyn will be popping in to tell a tale at Story Space, perhaps the oldest storytelling venue in the US! Meeting at the Out of the Blue Too Gallery in Central Square.  Mo’ details here!

4/9, Saturday, 7-8pm, Boston, MA
Brendyn is the featured teller at the Words Apart Storyslam at Emerson College.  Check out the Words Apart online zine by clicking here

4/2, Saturday 7:15pm, Amherst, MA
See Brendyn perform at the Sharing the Fire Festival (LANES).
For details, click here

3/31-5/5, Thursdays, 7-8:30pm, Brookline, MA
Take Brendyn’s 6-week Intro to Storytelling Class!
Grab some friends and
sign up straightaway!

3/24, Thursday, 7pm, Boston, MA
Brendyn will be flanked by some top-notch, award-winning tellers for a storytelling event, “Dog Tales.” Live storytelling, a book launch and signing of My Bad Bad Dog, a new picture book by Norah Dooley with illustrations by Alex Gerasev. All proceeds benefit StoriesLive! A thrilling night, a stupendous lineup.  Be there, be entertained!

3/21, Monday, 7pm, Cambridge, MA
Check out the last Massmouth show of the season with Brendyn opening the night.  The topic:  En Route.  Throw your name in the hat, tell your story on the subject and you could win the night!  Interested? Click here

2/25, Thursday, 9pm, Cambridge, MA
Brendyn will be one of the storytellers at ImprovBoston’s SketchHaus
Fo mo on the sho, go here

2/1, Monday, 5:30-7pm, Worcester, MA
Peep Brendyn as the featured storyteller at
the Culinary Imaginings Show.  For details, click here

1/31, Sunday, 6:30-8:30pm, West Acton, MA
Watch Brendyn’s performance at the Massmouth/Fugitive Productions’
Fresh Start Showcase. For details, click here

***Thanks to everyone who made it out to the 2015 Gigs!***